Building an Igloo for the Movie Eskimo; November 1932.

Michael Phillip Collection. Series 3h.

Image from the Archives Collection

The photographer is unknown. The location is Teller, Alaska. The caption reads as follows: "Peter Freuchen who wrote 'Eskimo,' Pop Arnold on the ends, me in the middle, and Harvey Albiez in the doorway of the igloo." Freuchen is showing the film crew members how to build an igloo as none of the native people of Teller knew how to do so.

Reason for Selection: The well known author, Peter Freuchen, was an important advisor on the movie Eskimo. He wrote the two books upon which the film was based and played the evil captain of the trading vessel. That film is one of the most important in the motion picture history of Alaska. It provides a very interesting look into Eskimo life. The male lead was Ray Wise Mala, who lived in the Teller area. (JS)

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